A downloadable game for Windows

In Kaleidoscope, you play as Alina, a young woman who returns home after years of being gone. Explore your home town and unlock memories to find out more about your past.

With over 150 different cameras and 20 minutes of game play, Kaleidoscope is an unusual game that uses multiple camera angles to tell a story. Using these angles allows for unusual, cinematic storytelling techniques, experimentation with spatial awareness, and the juxtaposition of spaces separated only by time.

Make sure to visit our website at kaleidoscopegame.com.


  • View the game world from multiple perspectives at a time
  • Experience a story about loss and homesickness
  • Play with a clean and accessible control scheme

Install instructions

Note: Because of our feature of multiple perspectives, Kaleidoscope is a graphically demanding game. To play, it is recommended that you have a dedicated graphics card with at least 2 GB of VRAM. We're sorry for the inconvenience. (NVidia GeForce GTX 650 or Radeon HD 5830)

To play the game, simply run the installer and follow the instructions.

The game comes with a zip containing the official game soundtrack.


KaleidoscopeSetup.exe 346 MB
KaleidoscopeOST.zip 66 MB